how to install surveillance cameras outside of the home

Surveillance cameras improve the security at home by keeping an eye on whatever is happening around at all times. They monitor everything in the home compound as a concrete safety measure.

A Step to Step Surveillance Cameras Installation Procedure

Installing surveillance cameras outside your home is a task that you can simply do by yourself. The following are the steps on how to install surveillance camera outside of your home:



  • Create a Common Surveillance Hub


This is usually a system controlled by a computer. The surveillance hub receives video clips and images which have been recorded by a camera. Also, the hub guides (by ) you as you install the camera. It indicates the proper functionality of the camera after complete installation.


  • Install Connection Cables


You may use Siamese cables to connect the main surveillance system at your home. The wires are installed over the wall along different parts of the house. Ensure that the cables are long enough to reach to different parts where you want to fix your cameras.


  • Install Power Supply Box


Power supply box supplements for power to be used by the cameras and the surveillance hub system even when there is no power. The box may be installed near the computer with the hub system or in an appropriate place near the cameras.


  • Connect Camera Cables to DVR Ports


The camera cables carry the information in form of video clips and images as they are taken by the surveillance cameras. This is the information about the events happening at home or those who are trespassing at your home. By connecting them to the DVR ports and to the main computer surveillance system, you will be able to receive all the information from the cameras in around your home.


  • Mount Your Cameras on the Wall


After connecting information cables and setting up the surveillance hub, you may now mount your cameras on the wall on different parts of your house. Preferably, you may mount the cameras next to your front door, your back door, balcony, at the gate, and near other places such as washrooms or stores. The camera stand is easy to attach to the wall.


  • Connect the Cables to the Cameras


Ensure that you connect the cables to the cameras in order to allow the passage of data. After connecting, you may check whether the system is functioning as required.



Surveillance cameras are a representation of current technology which is being utilized to enhance security at home. Check This Page about HD Cameras They ensure that everything that is in your home is under detailed check at all times. The cameras are easy to install and they are also affordable.